Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Straight and Gay Roles

My boss and I were chatting last week about T.V. shows and she said that she cant see Porcha di Rossi playing a straight woman in a new series coming out. She said that she can only see her playing lesbian roles and wasn't going to be able to see her in any other light. I asked her so when a straight man plays a gay role do you always say oh I cant see him as gay?? She said it was different. I asked her how so and she really couldn't explain it. I said its not really different at all. they are all actors and are playing a part. If everyone portrayed themselves they wouldn't really be acting. I find it odd when people say wow he was so great when he played that gay role! Mainly because its only great when a straight person does it. You don't hear praises about Rupert Everett in My Best Friends Wedding when he played gay, and he was great in that movie. I feel like there is a double standard about it and it really bugs me. 

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Bairbre Aine said...

I agree with you.
I'm 'bugged' by this same thing.
Ruppert was very good in that movie.
The movie he was in with Madonna was another one, I simply loved!
But I digress. Well said Elbert.
I couldn't agree with you more!