Sunday, October 25, 2009


Really some times you just hate nights like this. Not tired, bad night and in your head all you can say is really??? I hope tomorrow with my SD family will make it so much better. Wow it was a harsh night!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Break Ups

Its hard to hear when friends of yours have broken up. A really good friend of mine and his boyfriend broke up yesterday. Lets call them Sam and Timmy. I feel really bad for Sam he is really struggling with the idea of not being with Timmy. I would have to say I am closer to Sam than I am to Timmy but after so many years of them being together I feel that Timmy and I have become friends. They still are going to live together but Timmy wants to date other people and wants there to be no jealousy. I really really doubt that its going to work. I was still living with my ex when Cory and I got together and boy the story from the first date Cory and I had is a crazy story which people still say and you still dated him. Maybe Sam and Timmy will get back together, maybe they wont. I think that Sam will need me more than Timmy so I will be there for Sam just like he would be there for me. It's always sad to see friends break up especially after years of being together but sometimes it turns out to be a good thing for both people. Man and I thought I was going to be posting about how I was annoyed at project runway last night!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I know it has been forever and I think I said before I would post more and then forgot. Well here is me trying again. This week was my birthday and I went to see the doctor because I felt as though I had pulled something in my back from all the coughing I had been doing and it was starting to get worse. Yes It took me three weeks to go in and see him because Ii believed it would go away. So after a couple of days of Cory telling me he didn't want to hear it I made an appointment. I went in and he says I pulled something and gives me drugs and wants me to see the Chiropractor to get my back adjusted since that is were most of the pain was. I went two days ago and am going again today. I debate if he really is worth it, I guess it's because I feel like I am paying someone for a big hug. Yes he rubs my back a little, and puts ice on it but when it came to what he was going to do it felt like a really uncomfortable hug really close to his crotch. I guess I should not complain though, at least he is not so bad looking. I will have to comment once I get back from him later.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Elevators & Strangers

I am up and down on the elevator a lot when I am at work. At least once a day I get some perfect stranger trying to have a conversation with me. I think people think they are being nice by talking to you in the elevators. I cant stand it! If I don't know the person usually I will pull out my cell phone or stare forward after the obligatory smile at whoever just came in to the elevator. I don't get why they have to comment about the weather or how its almost time to go home, or how the elevators are running slow that day. Why cant they just be quiet?? I really don't get it, maybe I am just donut have good elevator etiquette but I don't think this is going to change. Oh and the farting in the elevator inexcusable!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Straight and Gay Roles

My boss and I were chatting last week about T.V. shows and she said that she cant see Porcha di Rossi playing a straight woman in a new series coming out. She said that she can only see her playing lesbian roles and wasn't going to be able to see her in any other light. I asked her so when a straight man plays a gay role do you always say oh I cant see him as gay?? She said it was different. I asked her how so and she really couldn't explain it. I said its not really different at all. they are all actors and are playing a part. If everyone portrayed themselves they wouldn't really be acting. I find it odd when people say wow he was so great when he played that gay role! Mainly because its only great when a straight person does it. You don't hear praises about Rupert Everett in My Best Friends Wedding when he played gay, and he was great in that movie. I feel like there is a double standard about it and it really bugs me. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Olympic Dreams

I dreamt last night that I won the gold medal in the Olympics for swimming. It was invigorating and was getting my picture taken with the team and then in an individual pic with two other people. Then this little brat came over and said that it was fine that I won but that my technique was horrible and that I only scored a 68. I corrected him and told him it was a 69 and that it was my first time in the Olympics so I would only improve. Imagine in my own dream someone trying to burst my bubble. Ill show him next time and get a better technique score.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Small Sep Toward Green Work

This week my work has decided to take some step's to going green. They finally decided to have all the employee's in the office use the filtered water from the fridge instead of supplying tons of bottled water. It is a great start except for the fact that now instead of piling up tons of plastic bottles it will be disposable cups. I know this because even though we have coffee cups stock piled in every kitchen on every floor no one uses them, they use disposable cups instead. I started bringing my reusable water bottle a couple of weeks ago so I feel like I am a little ahead of everyone else. I feel it does help me drink more water than I did before, and I can even make tea and stick ice in the bottle and make ice tea! Today I am having blueberry iced tea and it is yummy! So I am waiting to see how long this lasts before these people start whining and they bring back the water bottles. I hope the office admin sticks to her guns and says quite whining and deal with it! Now if only I could get them to stop using so much paper.