Thursday, March 12, 2009

Small Sep Toward Green Work

This week my work has decided to take some step's to going green. They finally decided to have all the employee's in the office use the filtered water from the fridge instead of supplying tons of bottled water. It is a great start except for the fact that now instead of piling up tons of plastic bottles it will be disposable cups. I know this because even though we have coffee cups stock piled in every kitchen on every floor no one uses them, they use disposable cups instead. I started bringing my reusable water bottle a couple of weeks ago so I feel like I am a little ahead of everyone else. I feel it does help me drink more water than I did before, and I can even make tea and stick ice in the bottle and make ice tea! Today I am having blueberry iced tea and it is yummy! So I am waiting to see how long this lasts before these people start whining and they bring back the water bottles. I hope the office admin sticks to her guns and says quite whining and deal with it! Now if only I could get them to stop using so much paper.


Mike Pape said...

Well just do what my company did... print out big color signs telling people to stop wasting paper (not kidding about this though it was hilarious).

Bairbre Aine said...

Good for you!
I love my starbucks, green coloured water bottle.
At work we have water tower. I try to fill up at least twice a day!
The staff goes through tons of paper here too.
Diet coke cans are in rubbish bins, nearly in every classroom too!!!

Oh, Blueberry tea, sounds yummy indeed!


Elynca said...

I wish it was that easy to make them stop using paper but the type of work they do they just use tons of it because they need to keep a record of everything just in case. Some at least try to not use it if they dont have to.